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Thriving Well-being Intensive (4-8 hours)

Fists in Solidarity
  • Help your employees unleash their  potential for well-being and success. Participants will engage in immersive nature inspired activities, explore the 7 Keys to Cultivating Well-being, and create a personalized Happiness Plan. Participants will have the opportunity to participate in multiple cutting edge well-being and happiness surveys for deeper personal development.

Well-being Accelerator

(2 hours)

People During Workshop
  • Your employees will be able to fast-track their success and well-being. Members of your team will learn about 4 Keys to Cultivating Well-being, engage in interactive nature inspired exercises, and create a Happiness Plan. Participants will have the opportunity to participate in a reflective survey, enhancing their self-awareness and growth.

Foundations of Well-being

(1 hour)

Carpentry Class
  • Our 1-hour personal development workshop will provide your employees with the tools they need to cultivate well-being and success. During the initial consultation, we will cover the 3 Keys to Cultivating Well-being and discuss the General Happiness Survey. Finally, your employees will create their own Happiness Plan/Portfolio to help them continue their personal development journey.

Additional Services

Working Together

Our additional services are designed to maximize the impact of our workshops. We offer a pre-assessment to gather insights about employees' interests, challenges, and desired outcomes. This helps us to provide a more personalized experience and increase the relevance and effectiveness of the workshops. We also offer follow-up sessions to reinforce the workshop content and ensure that employees are able to apply their learnings to their daily lives.

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