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  • Empower your team to thrive with our customized in-person or remote workshops, each focusing on one of the six key aspects of well-being: Awareness, Self-love, Physical Health, Purpose, Relationships, and Inner Knowing. Tailor your experience by choosing the specific well-being topic that aligns with your team's needs. Our workshops, ranging from 1 hour to 1.5 hours per topic, provide immediately applicable strategies backed by science and research.  The workshops can be delivered in one day or over a series of workshops to allow for participants to try some of the strategies in between sessions.


  • Collaboratively using the U.S. Surgeon General's Framework for Workplace Mental Health & Well-Being, we work with senior leadership to assess, strategize, and enhance organizational well-being. This activity can be a stand alone or included into any of the six well-being components.


Carpentry Class
  • Elevate well-being with our ESG initiatives, harnessing the power of plantable paper and tree imagery. For any single contract exceeding $5,000, we proudly donate 10% to a nonprofit dedicated to protecting trees in NYC. This activity can be integrated into any of the six well-being components.


Working Together

Maximize the impact of our workshops with proactive services. Our pre-assessment gathers insights on employees' interests, challenges, and desired outcomes for a personalized experience. Follow-up sessions reinforce workshop content, ensuring practical application in daily life.

Transformational Public Speaking

Elevate special events with Ana Reyes, delivering impactful talks inspiring leadership, well-being, and the mind-body-spirit connection.


Blue Skies

Sandra M

"This is a rare gem type of workshop, it is deep enough to empower awareness and change. I would love for my team to be a part of it! Great workshop!"

Blue Skies

Larissa S

"The forgiveness exercise was wonderful. I loved how there was a safe space for us to talk about mental health and how it impacts our Hispanic communities. Thank you!"

Blue Skies

Michelle G

"The forgiveness practice was very moving, and something that I will implement in my life more frequently. Thank you for the incredible time and creating a safe space for the group."

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